Happy Pride!Hepatitis C is one of the most common types of sexually-transmitted infections in the US. Although Hep C is most commonly spread through sharing needles or syringes(opens in a new tab) today, Hepatitis C can be spread through sexual contact.

At HepCMyWay, we believe everyone should have access to information and treatment for Hep C. That’s why HepCMyWay is proud to offer medications that can be shipped directly to you, so you can get hassle-free treatment, no matter what. To better inform our patients and their loved ones, we've outlined everything you need to know about sexually-transmitted hepatitis C.

What is Hep C?

Hepatitis C is a contagious liver disease caused by the hepatitis C virus. It can range from a mild illness lasting just a few weeks to a serious, lifelong illness. The virus is spread through contact with the blood of an infected person. The most common symptoms of hepatitis C include:

  • Fatigue.
  • Nausea.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes).

In some cases, people living with hepatitis C may have no symptoms at all. Over time, chronic hepatitis C can lead to liver disease and even liver failure, so you must seek treatment if you've experienced any symptoms.

How Does Hep C Get Transmitted?

Hepatitis C is transmitted through contact with the blood of an infected person. This includes sharing syringes, injection drug-use equipment, and engaging in unprotected sexual activity. It can also be passed from mother to baby during childbirth.

While hepatitis C is less likely to be transmitted sexually than STIs like HIV and gonorrhea, it can still be spread through unprotected sex. During sexual activities like oral, anal, and vaginal sex, tiny amounts of an infected person's blood may enter the bloodstream of their partner. This is especially true if there are breaks in the skin or mucous membranes.

The virus enters the bloodstream when it comes into contact with a mucous membrane or a break in the skin. After entering the body, the virus begins to reproduce and spread to other parts of your body including your liver.

If you or your partner has had unprotected sex, it's important to get tested for hepatitis C. Even if you have only had protected sex, it is important to get tested if you think you may have been exposed. A simple blood test can tell you if you have hepatitis C, and early detection and treatment are key to preventing serious long-term health problems.

It is important to know that not everyone infected with hepatitis C will experience symptoms right away; however, over time it can lead to liver inflammation, scarring of the liver (cirrhosis), and even liver failure if left untreated.

Early diagnosis and treatment are key to managing this condition and helping those living with hepatitis C achieve remission. It is important for those who are at risk for hepatitis C to get tested regularly so that they can identify any potential exposure or infection as soon as possible and get appropriate treatment if necessary.

If you need testing in Ohio or Pennsylvania, visit the central outreach wellness center for free rapid testing. If you are in need of treatment for Hep C, the specialists at HepCMyWay are happy to assist you with treatment services.

How Is Hep C Treated?

Treatments for hepatitis C typically revolve around antiviral medications, which can help to reduce the amount of virus in your body and may even lead to complete remission in some people. The specialists at HepCMyWay are dedicated to providing comprehensive care to those living with hepatitis C in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The experts at HepCMyWay have years of experience helping people manage their diagnoses and can provide access to the best available treatments. We specialize in creating personalized treatment plans that are tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs and lifestyle. From monitoring lab results and liver health to setting therapeutic goals, we offer an array of services that can help support you throughout your journey.

Our team is focused on making sure patients have access to the resources they need for long-term success such as medication reminders, nutrition guidance, mental health support, and more. HepCMyWay strives to ensure that those living with hepatitis C in Ohio and Pennsylvania receive the highest quality of care so they can achieve optimal outcomes. If you are living with Hepatitis C, visit the judgment-free Hep C specialists at HepCMyWay for individualized treatment.

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