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3 Simple Steps to Hepatitis C Treatment

How HepCMyWay Works

A lack of accessibility, knowledge, and compassionate, competent care has left many people in the lurch when it comes to Hep C treatment. But when medication can mean the difference between a shorter life and a long one, we know that those living with Hep C deserve much better. 

HepCMyWay was created to smash barriers between Hep C treatment and the people who need it. Ready to kick Hep C out of your life for good? HepCMyWay makes it easy as 1, 2, 3. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Fill out our patient-friendly form, or give us a call if you’re more comfortable talking to a person.
  • Step 2: We’ll schedule a convenient time for you to visit a lab or send one of our experienced, compassionate phlebotomists to draw your blood. We’ll then send that blood to the lab, where pre-treatment testing will be conducted.
  • Step 3: Once you have the results of your test, we will schedule a telemedicine visit with you so we can discuss how to move forward with a real Hep C doctor. If you decide to start treatment, we’ll ship your meds right to your home!

Once you've completed your medicine, we'll perform one more test just to be sure your infection is gone. After that, you're free!

Ready to find your freedom from Hepatitis C? Get started with HepCMyWay today.

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Discreet, Accessible Treatment & Testing

Breaking Barriers to Hep C Care

HepCMyWay is powered by Central Outreach Wellness Center(opens in a new tab), an organization focused on providing compassionate, judgment-free, community-based care in the state of Pennsylvania. As caretakers (and members) of vulnerable groups such as the LGBTQ community, those who use drugs, and addicts at any stage of recovery, we know that systemic obstacles frequently come between Hep C treatment and the people who need it most. 

HepCMyWay was created to circumvent those obstacles, allowing patients to receive the testing and treatment they need to live a full, high-quality life free of symptoms and worry. Along with our convenient at-home testing process, every appointment you have with us regarding Hep C will be conducted virtually, using video and voice chat. That way, we can offer you a live, helping hand while also keeping your care comfortable, safe, and discreet. 

If you’re in Western Pennsylvania and want to see a Hep C specialist in person, we can help with that, too! You can schedule an in-person HepCMyWay appointment at any of our Central Outreach Wellness Center locations.

Hep C Medication at Little to No Cost

Accessible Treatment for Hep C

Of all the obstacles that can prevent a person from receiving the Hep C treatment they need, the most common and difficult one tends to be cost. But the difference between leaving Hep C untreated and taking a simple round of medication is massive in terms of quality of life -- so why should money be a deciding factor in whether you get care or not? 

At HepCMyWay, we don’t think it should be. 

That’s why all HepCMYWay services, like many provided by Central Outreach Wellness Center (including PrEP2Me), come at little to no cost to you whatsoever. That’s right -- no matter what kind of insurance you have, even no insurance at all, we’ll do everything in our power to make sure cost can never come between you and the care you deserve. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you have to have a known diagnosis of Hep C? 

Yes, HepCMyWay offers Hep C treatment services to residents in Pennsylvania and Ohio that have a known diagnosis of Hepatitis C. 

I tested positive, and I got my medicine from HepCMyWay. What next?

HepCMyWay will provide you with a predetermined dose of your medication. Then, once you’ve completed your medicine, we’ll perform another test to ensure that the infection is no longer present in your body.

Where do you provide care for Hepatitis C?

Currently, HepCMyWay services are only available in the state of Pennsylvania and Ohio. Residents in PA and OH that are in need of Hep C testing and wish to not have at home service, we recommend reaching out to your primary care provider or local health department as soon as you can. If you’re having trouble getting tested or you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

I run a facility where I’d like to provide HepCMyWay testing. Can you come to me?

Yes! If you’re a medical professional, rehab provider or community service provider, reach out to us about bringing HepCMyWay to your facility.