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Central Outreach Wellness Center

About HepCMyWay & Central Outreach Wellness Center

Powered by Central Outreach Wellness Center in Pittsburgh, PA, HepCMyWay is a concerted effort to offer discreet, personalized, accessible testing and treatment for Hepatitis C across the states of Pennsylvania and Ohio. At Central Outreach, we promote wellness in our community by fostering our patient's whole self, focusing on culturally competent care by striving to understand our clients. This same care and competence applies to the care we provide through HepCMyWay.

Central Outreach is a federally funded organization through the PA Department of Health, and this grant funding allows us to utilize contracted pharmacy services that help fund our clinic. By using our funding this way, we create an environment where patients can receive the care they need without the obstacle of expensive out-of-pocket costs.

For decades, our staff has had experience treating patients in marginalized communities. We proudly provide outreach to those who use drugs, those who are in addiction recovery, and those who aren’t sure where they stand. When you make a virtual HepCMyWay appointment with us and meet with our phlebotomists at home, you can expect a level of compassion and competence that respects and acknowledges your background, identity, and feelings. 

Your life is your business -- and your healthcare is ours! We’ll never judge your personal behaviors, and we’ll do everything we can to foster a caring and trusting relationship with you even in a remote setting. 

If you’re ready to take the first step to get Hep C treatement at little to no cost to you, we’re ready to meet you.